How Much Is a Graduate Visa UK

How Much Is a Graduate Visa UK

Student visa holders in the United Kingdom are able to extend their stay in the country after they complete their studies for two years with a graduate visa if they wish to. A graduate visa allows international students to remain in the United Kingdom after their studies are over to seek employment or continue their studies further.

In order to apply for a graduate visa, applicants must pay a series of costs to cover administration fees and access to public services. These fees are non-negotiable and without paying them, you cannot apply.

These costs include the graduate visa application fee and immigration health surcharge, made payable to the government. But how much does it cost to apply for a graduate visa in the United Kingdom?

In this article, we will explore the costs incurred by graduate visa applicants and discover how to apply for a visa with the best chance of approval.

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The Graduate Visa Application Fee

When you submit your application to the Home Office for approval, before it can be submitted, you must pay the standard application fee of £822 GBP. The fee covers the cost of the administration process and allows your application to be considered for acceptance by the Home Office. Without paying the application fee, your graduate visa application will not be submitted for review.

The application fee only covers the cost of one application, therefore, if you wish to apply for your partner and children also, you must pay an individual application fee for each person you are applying for. For example:

If you are applying for two adults and two children, you must submit four separate applications.

The total cost would be 4 x £822 which will amount to a total of £3,288 payable to the Home Office to process your applications individually.

If your application is refused by the Home Office, you will not be eligible to have the application fee refunded to you.

Immigration Health Surcharge

The immigration health surcharge is payable to visa holders living in the United Kingdom. It allows them to access valuable free medical care should they need it. The fee payable is dependent on the type of visa you have:

  • Students- £776 per year
  • Under 18’s- £776 per year
  • All other visa types- £1,035 per year

The immigration health surcharge is payable each year you stay in the UK, therefore, those who remain in the UK for three years will pay an immigration health surcharge fee of £3,105 to cover the cost of accessing healthcare services.

Whilst you can access medical services such as NHS healthcare, GP appointments, and referrals, you must still pay the standard fees for dental care, prescription services, and eye care such as eye tests and glasses.

Immigration Health Surcharge

Who Doesn’t Need to Pay?

There are certain categories of people who are exempt from paying immigration healthcare surcharge:

  • Applying for indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
  • Applying for a health and care worker visa
  • Applying for the right to live in the UK under the EU settlement scheme
  • You are a dependant of a UK armed forces member
  • You are an asylum seeker applying for humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom
  • You are an S2 healthcare visitor
  • Children under 18 taken into care by the local authority
  • Applying to stay in the UK as a victim of slavery or human trafficking
  • Applying for the Ukraine extension scheme

If you are unsure of whether you need to pay the immigration healthcare surcharge, Synergy Immigration Solutions can help you to understand your situation and rights when it comes to the costs of a visa in the United Kingdom.

Refunds for the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge

In some cases, you may be eligible for a refund of the immigration healthcare surcharge. You may be eligible for a refund if:

  • You have paid the immigration healthcare surcharge twice for the same visa application.
  • Your visa application is refused by the Home Office.
  • You chose to withdraw your application before it has been considered.

Each of these reasons will qualify you for a refund of the full immigration healthcare surcharge fee.

In other instances, you may only be eligible for a partial refund. You may get a partial refind if you:

  • Get less time to remain in the UK on your visa than you have asked for.
  • Are in the process of applying to extend your visa and you have paid twice for the same period of time.
  • A dependant you are applying for gets refused- you will receive a refund of their immigration healthcare surcharge only.

When You Won’t Get a Refund

  • Your visa was granted before you withdrew your visa application
  • You are told to leave the United Kingdon before your visa expires
  • Your visa application is accepted but you do not end up coming to the United Kingdom
  • You leave the United Kingdom before your visa ends
  • You apply for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom
  • You switch to a different type of visa or permission to stay that is exempt from the immigration healthcare surcharge

If you are eligible for a refund, you should contact the Home Office promptly to claim your refund. Typically, it will be returned to the original payment method, for example, the bank account used to pay in the first instance.

How to Apply For a Graduate Visa

How to Apply For a Graduate Visa

You can apply for a graduate visa if you are in the United Kingdom, have studied an eligible course, and your current student visa is still valid at the time of application.

To make a graduate visa application, you must apply online through the UK Government website. As part of your application, you will asked to submit proof of your identity and immigration status, usually by showing your passport, travel documents, and biometric residence permit.

As discussed above, you must pay the application fee of £822 at the point of submitting your application. In addition, you will be required to pay the immigration healthcare surcharge of £1,035 per year.

Therefore, in total you must pay £1,857 in order for your application for a graduate visa to be processed.

Processing time takes around 8 weeks and after that you will receive a decision on your graduate visa application. If your application is rejected, you may have the opportunity to appeal it depending on the reason for the rejection.

In Summary

There are two main costs incurred when applying for a graduate visa, which include the application fee of £822 and the immigration healthcare surcharge fee of £1,035, paid yearly. If you do not pay these fees at the point of applying for a graduate visa in the United Kingdom, your application will not be submitted and considered for acceptance.

The application fee and immigration healthcare surcharge are payable for each person you apply for, including your partner and any dependents. Each fee will be made payable at the point of application.

If your application is rejected, you will be refunded the cost of the immigration healthcare surcharge, but not the application fee.

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