Is It Difficult to Get UK Skilled Worker Visa?

Is It Difficult to Get UK Skilled Worker Visa?

Contrary to popular belief, getting a UK skilled worker isn’t impossible and difficult. Yes, it might be a lengthy process that requires some professional support, but if you meet the requirements, there is no reason why you won’t be accepted for a UK skilled worker visa.

In this article, we discuss the requirements for a skilled worker visa, giving you an idea of how difficult it is to get one and how we at Synergy Immigration Solutions can help you.

What is a skilled worker visa?

A skilled worker visa is a legal document enabling qualifying individuals from overseas to come to the UK for an eligible job with an approved employer. It is the main immigration route into the UK for non-UK workers.  

Not every employer and every job qualifies an applicant for a skilled worker visa in the UK; the employer must have a sponsorship licence to provide a job offer to a non-UK worker for a skilled worker visa.  

Some things must be in place before your application and visa approval are accepted. For example, you must already have a job offer from an approved employer for a job on the list of eligible occupations.

What is the success and rejection rate of a skilled worker visa?

According to UK government statistics in 2020, the rejection rate for a skilled worker visa was only 4.93%, meaning that only 1 out of 20 applicants were refused. However, the statistics don’t tell us how many successful applicants had professional help to get them there.

With help from an immigration service, you increase your chances of getting the best outcome by following expert advice from industry professionals.

Why would an application be rejected?

So, why would a UK skilled worker visa application be rejected? There are many reasons why an application can be refused, and it can even be as little as a mistake on the application.

 Here are the top 10 most common reasons why an application is rejected:

  • They don’t have a job offer from the skilled worker list from an approved employer.
  • They can’t prove their proficiency in the English language
  • They aren’t skilled enough to do the job they have been offered
  • Mistakes in the application
  • They don’t meet the salary requirements for the job they have been offered
  • They have provided incorrect or insufficient information and documentation
  • If the person has a track record of non-compliance with the UK’s immigration rules
  • They are a concern of UKVI over their presence in the UK due to previous deportation or criminal charges
  • They don’t have enough funds to support themself
  • They have provided documents in the wrong format

Why would an application be accepted?

It really comes down to the requirements of a skilled worker and if you are eligible. The UK immigration system works on a points system, and you need to achieve 70 points to be considered and accepted.

Here are some of the main criteria to meet to obtain a skilled worker licence:

  • Have a job offer from a UK employer approved by the home office.
  • Have a certificate of sponsorship from your approved employer with information about the role you will be doing in the UK.
  • The job offer must be on the eligible occupations list.
  • Prove you can read, write, speak and understand English to at least level B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale.
  • Be paid a minimum salary, which will vary depending on your work type.
  • Have the right level of skill and experience for the job you have been offered.

What documents do I need for my skilled worker visa application?

As well as the eligibility criteria, you need to submit specific documentation to prove you are who you say you are, can do the job you have been offered and can support yourself in the UK.

  • your certificate of sponsorship reference number – your employer will give you this
  • proof of your knowledge of English
  • a valid passport or other documents that shows your identity and nationality
  • your job title and annual salary
  • your job’s occupation code
  • your employer’s name and sponsor licence number will be on your certificate of sponsorship.

How long does it take to get a skilled worker visa?

How long it takes to get a sponsorship licence can vary. Once you have applied online, set your documents and proved who you are, you’ll usually get a decision within 3 weeks, but it can take up to 2 months. If your application is rejected, the letter will explain why you don’t meet the requirements and if there is a possibility of appealing the decision.

The role of your employer as part of your skilled worker visa

Is it easy to get sponsorship from an employer? Well, this can be one of the main challenges of the process, but it is certainly doable, particularly if you are applying for the right jobs for your skill level and jobs that are eligible occupations for a skilled worker visa.

 If you already have one lined up, congratulations, you’ve done the most challenging part of the process. But now, you must ensure your employer is holding up their end of the deal. They are just as crucial in the visa application process as you are.

Your employer’s sponsorship licence

An employer must qualify for a sponsorship licence from the Home Office to employ workers from outside the UK. This includes both paid and unpaid workers. They must apply for a sponsorship licence and complete the application form to do this.

To successfully obtain a sponsorship licence, the organisation must show that the job roles being recruited for and the intended workers both meet the requirements. A business must also demonstrate a set criterion to qualify and maintain specific responsibilities. 

An organisation can sponsor a foreign worker if they have the relevant skills for the job and are being paid a fair rate for doing that job. 

The Home Office maintains a list of all organisations with a sponsorship licence and therefore knows which organisations can legally employ foreign workers on visas such as a skilled worker visa.

Once an employer has successfully applied for a sponsorship licence, they can provide you with a licence certificate (CoS), so you can apply for a work visa in the UK. Your organisation will also be placed on the Home Office register of licenced organisations.

If granted the sponsorship license, it will last for four years unless revoked or terminated by the employer before the fixed term ends, so you must check that your employer still legally has a sponsorship licence.

If your employer does not meet these requirements, your application for a skilled worker visa will be rejected.

Your salary

Alongside a job offer from an approved employer, you must meet the minimum salary requirement by doing a job from the skilled worker list. If your employer does not offer the correct salary for the job or the minimum salary required for the visa, your application will be rejected.

The skilled worker visa has a minimum salary requirement of £26,200 which is applicable unless the occupational code assigned has a higher going rate. The salary total must be calculated by the hour, with the minimum rate being £10.75 per hour.

You must always be paid the going rate for the role you are offered, even if it is more than the minimum requirement for the visa.

On the subject of money, many people ask, ‘Do companies pay for the skilled worker visa?‘ In some cases, the fees fall on the employer; in others, it falls on the applicant. Do your research first and ask us at Synergy Immigration Solutions.

Synergy Immigration Solutions

Synergy Immigration Solutions are here to help. We offer various UK visa immigration services for corporate and individual clients.

We help small to medium-sized businesses obtain sponsorship licences to enable them to recruit overseas talent. We also provide extensive support for individuals applying for visas, including skilled worker visas.

We understand the importance of seeking reliable help and professional services regarding immigration, and our trained professionals will take the time to understand your needs to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Contact us for help and support with your skilled worker visa, and someone from our friendly team will gladly assist you.

To conclude

So, is it difficult to get a skilled worker visa? No, but it can be a long and complicated process. The hardest part for you is getting a job offer for an eligible job from an approved employer. After that, leave it up to Synergy Immigration Solutions to help you with your application to give you the best chance of success.

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