The Truth About Migration in The UK

The Truth About Migration in The UK

What is the truth about migration in the UK? We take a dive into the facts and figures about UK migration to help you get a better understanding.

Migration and immigration play a key role in the UK, and it has for many years. However, there is sometimes a lot of confusion about this topic, so we want to shed some light on the truth about migration in the UK. 

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Here, we will focus on the truth about migration in the UK, and clear up some misconceptions in the process.  

Understanding Migration

Understanding Migration

In simple terms, migration is about moving from one area to another. This can be within the same country, or from one country to another, and can be for a short period of time, or permanent. Immigration and emigration are both forms of migration, as they include moving from one location to another.

Why do Brits Leave the UK?

British nationals might leave the UK for a number of reasons, from work opportunities to a change in pace and lifestyle. Many Brits will also leave the UK because they don’t like or agree with the politics of the country and the way things have been run – which is a sentiment that people share with their countries all over the world.

The number of Brits that are leaving the UK seems to be growing year by year, with 508,000 leaving in 2023, compared to the 471,000 who left in 2022. Some of the most popular countries for Brits to immigrate to include Australia, Spain, France, the USA, and New Zealand 

****Which Countries Have the Most Immigrants?

United Nations statistics from 2020 showing the number of immigrants in the 10 countries with the highest number of foreign-born residents, and what percentage of the population they make up within the country:

  1. United States – 50.6 million (15.38% of the population)
  2. Germany – 15.8 million (18.81% of the population)
  3. Saudi Arabia – 13.5 million (38.65 of the population)
  4. Russia – 11.6 million (7.97% of the population)
  5. United Kingdom – 9.4 million (13.79% of the population)
  6. United Arab Emirates – 8.7 million (88.13% of the population)
  7. France – 8.5 million (13.06% of the population)
  8. Canada – 8 million (21.33% of the population)
  9. Australia – 7.7 million (30.14% of the population)
  10. Spain – 6.8 million (14.63% of the population)

The statistics show that it’s important to take into consideration the percentage when looking at immigration. For example, despite the United States’ huge immigrant population, they only make up around 15% of the overall population. In the UK, migrants only make up around 14% of the population.

Out of interest, below are the top 10 countries with the fewest immigrants:

  • Tuvalu – 239 people (2.03% of the population)
  • Niue – 588 people (35.79% of the population)
  • Vatican City – 809 people (100% of the population)
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon – 1 thousand (17.22% of the population)
  • Tokelau – 1.2 thousand (91.23% of the population)
  • Montserrat – 1.4 thousand (27.62% of the population)
  • Falkland Islands – 2 thousand (56.24% of the population)
  • Wallis and Futuna – 2 thousand (18.15% of the population)
  • São Tomé and Príncipe – 2.1 thousand (0.98% of the population)
  • Nauru – 2.2 thousand (20.33% of the population)

What is the Main Reason for Migration to the UK?

What is the Main Reason for Migration to the UK?

There are numerous reasons for why people might want to migrate to the UK. Starting a new life with new opportunities is one of the most common, as is seeking asylum from persecution, war, and other conflicts within your own country.

Many people seek a better life, and they believe that making the move to the United Kingdom is the perfect place to start. Anyone can want to move to another country for any reason.

How Many People Migrate to the UK Every Year?

How Many People Migrate to the UK Every Year?

Despite one of Brexit’s major plans being to reduce net migration, numbers have swelled since. Pre-Brexit net migration numbers sat at about 200,000, but by the end of 2022, this number shot up to 745,000. In 2023, this number dropped to 685,000 – a notable decrease, but still a huge increase compared to pre-Brexit statistics.

With the new laws for international students and digital immigration plans, getting to the UK is more challenging than it used to be, but still possible for those who qualify. Family visas and Skilled Worker visas are among the primary ways for people to enter the UK, but these are constantly under review, and costs and details are subject to change when reviewed.

A Look into the Channel Crossings

How Brexit Changed Immigration Forever

Any discussion about migration and immigration in the UK ultimately gets directed to the ‘small boat’ crossings over the English Channel, and understandably so. This is a topic that the UK government has shown its disdain with time and time again, and is something that they have vowed to tackle for the last several years.

However, there is more than meets the eye when discussing these channel crossings. You will notice that headlines and big news articles often hold a very specific point of view without looking any further, so we will break it down below.

Things Would Look Different if They Were Processed

The unfortunate truth is that 3 of every 4 individuals who crossed the channel from January to August in 2023 would have been recognised as refugees if the UK government had processed their applications. However, because the government did not process applications, all of these small boat crossings were deemed illegal.

The majority of people (54%) who crossed the channel to get to the UK are from Sudan, Syria, Eritrea, Iran, and Afghanistan. As anyone who keeps up with world news will know, all of these countries are facing crises ranging from famine to persecution. As such, the majority of those who cross will be eligible to look for refuge.

To put things into perspective, 44,460 people were detained in the year ending June 2023 after arriving via small boat crossings in the UK. This number makes up just 3.7% of all the immigration to the United Kingdom, which statistics show to be a total of 1.2 million people overall in the same time period.

Synergy Immigration Solutions Can Help You

Synergy Immigration Solutions Can Help You

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In this blog, we covered the truth about migration in the UK. It’s easy to look at the numbers and take them at face-value, but it’s crucial for us to look deeper and find the facts so that you have a better understanding of migration in the UK.