UK Immigration: Where Do the UK Political Parties Stand

UK Immigration: Where Do the UK Political Parties Stand

In the United Kingdom, immigration poses as a hot topic, which at times can be very controversial with many individuals and collective groups having different views and stances. Since Brexit, the United Kingdom has seen a larger divide in opinion on immigration matters.

When it comes to political stance, each political party has a differing view on immigration policy. From opinions on managing immigration to the pros and cons of the United Kingdom’s immigration policy, each political party uses their stance to sculpt a manifesto, helping them cultivate support from the general public to influence election results.

The general UK public has the opportunity to vote for a party within the general election. Typically, UK citizens will use their vote to elect a candidate from a specific party based on a manifesto that lines up best with their own personal beliefs. Each party will showcase its beliefs and ideas for change in a manifesto; one of the topics covered in a manifesto is immigration within the United Kingdom.

But where exactly does each of the United Kingdom’s political parties stand in line with the UK’s immigration policy?

In this article, we will explore the political beliefs and stance on UK immigration for the four most prevalent UK political parties, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Reform UK, and Labour.

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The United Kingdom’s Immigration Policy

The United Kingdom takes a holistic approach to immigration which allows foreign migrants to enter the United Kingdom for work, family and study purposes. As well as this, the United Kingdom has legislation in place to assist asylum seekers.

In the United Kingdom, the immigration system is a structured framework that operates on a points-based system introduced by the UK government after Brexit took place. Foreign migrants who wish to enter the United Kingdom must apply for the correct corresponding visa; visas are split into the following categories:

  • Work visas- most commonly a skilled worker visa, which requires sponsorship from a UK business with a valid sponsor licence.
  • Family visas- they allow foreign migrants to live in the United Kingdom with family members of British
  • Student visa- allowing students from overseas to apply to study in the United Kingdom.
  • Graduate visas- for those who have studied in the United Kingdom and wish to remain in the UK for two further years after completion of their course of study.

To apply for a visa, each applicant will score points based on criteria including qualifications, skills, earnings, and language ability. For each category, applicants can earn a series of points. To become eligible, they must meet the minimum points threshold for the visa they applying for.

By implementing the points-based system, the UK government hopes to make the application process more fair and efficient for everybody. It also allows the Home Office to properly asses each applicant thoroughly.

The United Kingdom’s Immigration Policy

The Conservative Party

Led by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the Conservative party actively campaigned for strict immigration control with action plans in place to reduce immigration numbers across the United Kingdom to prevent an influx. This has been seen recently in the controversial Rwanda plan put forward by the Conservatives.

The plan in question was implemented in an attempt to deter asylum seekers from entering the United Kingdom across the seas to seek refuge. For those who attempt to do so, they face the risk of being deported to Rwanda to seek asylum there instead. Since its implementation, the plan has faced great opposition and controversy.

Conservatives also advocate for stronger border control measures to be put into place so the United Kingdom can gain better control of its borders. The Conservative party hopes that by doing so, the UK will have better control over immigration numbers across the country.

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats, led by Ed Davey, stand for an effective and fair immigration system where those in charge of the system show empathy and compassion to overseas migrants looking to enter the United Kingdom.

With fairness in mind, the Liberal Democrat party strives to reform the current immigration system by maintaining free movement in the European Union and allowing less responsibility for the Home Office when it comes to making new immigration policies.

Nonetheless, the core ethos of the Liberal Democrats is to protect the rights of migrants and allow them a fair chance to apply for the opportunity to remain in the United Kingdom.

Reform UK

Led by Nigel Farage, Refrom UK advocates for a restrictive and precise immigration policy that reduces the number of immigrants in the United Kingdom as Reform UK believes that an uncontrolled immigration policy will result in a severe effect on the economy of the UK society.

Reform UK actively campaigned for stricter immigration policy in the United Kingdom with pledges to immediately deport foreign criminals from the United Kingdom and proceed with offshore processing of asylum seekers who choose to enter the United Kingdom illegally.

Moreover, Reform UK party members believe that the United Kingdom should solely focus on essential immigration matters which include Skilled Workers and other migrants who can provide the UK with essential skills.

The Labour Party

The Labour Party, led by Kier Starmer, strive for a fair and ethical approach to immigration policy in the United Kingdom. In summary, the core ethos of Labour supporters and leaders is that migrants should be treated in a humane way.

Due to the current skills shortage in the United Kingdom, the Labour Party feel strongly that the United Kingdom could benefit from the recruitment of skilled workers in areas where there are shortages, including healthcare and engineering. However, it is important that we do not become reliant on overseas workers, therefore, finding a good, balanced approach.

In addition, Labour Party leaders are championing a safer asylum policy within the United Kingdom as well as stronger border control.

The Labour Party

In Summary

Each political party in the United Kingdom has a slightly different approach to immigration policy and varying priorities. Some parties believe in a fairer approach where ethical concerns are addressed, whereas some parties oppose this and believe in a more stringent approach to immigration where only essential immigration needs are met.

The general consensus stance on immigration policy refers to a requirement to meet the UK skills shortage with the acceptance and recruitment of skilled workers in the United Kingdom. This means that the UK can benefit from meeting skill shortages and enhancing the United Kingdom’s economy.

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