UK Job Searches Soar Among Foreign Nationals: A Potential Solution to Recruitment Challenges

There is no hiding from the fact that recruitment woes are being experienced across many sectors. With issues such as a lack of skilled workers and the number of jobs outweighing the available prospective employees, it seems we are set for another few turbulent months in the UK job market. However, there is an employee-shaped light at the end of the tunnel, as Indeed statistics report that UK job searches among foreign nationals rose from 2.2% in April 2023 to 5.5% in June 2023. Now that people are starting to feel more confident moving and the days of questions around the new UK visas seem to be in the past, does this represent a solution for recruiters across the country?

London-based Synergy Immigration Solutions are confident that it does as more people are now choosing to complete the Skilled Worker Visa application route to working in the UK. This seems to be a mix of general industry knowledge from employers and employees and support from professional agencies like Synergy Immigration Solutions, who take the stress away from the situation.

How Easy Is It To Work In The UK?

Changes to the UK visa application process for skilled workers were made in 2020. As a result, employers are now responsible for becoming sponsor licence holders if they wish to hire talent from overseas. This process is, again, simple and one that Synergy Immigration Solutions can support with thanks to their wide-reaching legal know-how. 

Only certain sectors and industries are suitable for this process, but you will be thrilled that some of the worst-hit sectors for recruitment shortages are included. Skilled worker visas can be applied if the individual meets the recruitment needs and visa requirements. As long as the applying candidate meets the criteria, the process is straightforward, which is brilliant news for employers looking to hire in some of the worst affected sectors, such as healthcare and hospitality. 

There are, however, still a lot of hoops to jump through and information to provide, which is that Synergy Immigration Solutions has created an easy-to-follow system which achieves results. Another benefit of choosing a professional immigration expert is that they are on hand to support any queries that may arise from navigating the overseas recruitment process, even during employment. The specialists also provide full support with OISC regulations, allowing the most recent updates and government changes to be reflected within the foreign national visa process seamlessly.

Start The Skilled Worker Visa Process With Synergy Immigration Solutions

Offering a way to plug gaps in the workforce with ready and willing overseas candidates, the UK Skilled Worker Visa is undoubtedly the solution to my employer’s talent shortages. 

Investing in overseas talent will benefit not just businesses but also the country’s wider socio-economic status, which is imperative for improving competitiveness in broader markets. 

Synergy Immigration Solutions is passionate about this route to filling UK job vacancies as it also promotes fair pay and equal opportunities for all eligible candidates, which has further positive impacts on the sectors in which they will be working.

Whether you are a foreign national looking for support in joining a UK company or from a British business that requires immigration advice, Synergy Immigration Solutions are on hand to help. You can click this link to learn about everything you may need about the sponsor licence application and visit their website to learn about skilled worker visas.

With a viable option available for UK companies to fill gaps and improve financial performance, hopefully, there is also a positive future for other country-wide issues that talent shortages have caused. A bright future is on the horizon for the UK job market.

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