UK Skills Gap is Crippling the Economy: Here Are The Best Ways for Employers To Recruit Foreign Workers​

Since Brexit, the UK has been facing huge labour shortages, which is holding back productivity and economic growth. These crippling labour shortages are damaging for the economy- it could cost the economy £30 billion a year. There are now over 1.3 million job vacancies that need to be filled, covering a whole host of industries and sectors.​

So, how can UK employers manage these major recruitment difficulties and reduce the number of unfilled job vacancies?​

The OISC registered immigration agency Synergy Immigration Solutions is here to help. The experienced team of immigration law professionals is well-versed in the struggles that companies face in recruiting skilled workers. That is why the immigration agency has created a streamlined immigration law service, to help employers fill gaps with qualified overseas talent.​

UK employers need a sponsor licence in order to bring workers from overseas. Additionally, the UK has implemented a new points-based immigration system for skilled workers. But many employers don’t know what a sponsor licence is, or how to go about getting one. This means that many UK employers are facing huge recruitment difficulties and they are also missing out on opportunities to grow their businesses to full potential.​

Therefore, applying to sponsor foreign workers can be a lengthy, confusing process for employers who may not understand how the application process works and what supporting documentation they need to provide.​

If you are a UK employer, Synergy Immigration Solutions can support you through the whole process of applying to sponsor foreign workers, to help you recruit your ideal candidates.​

Contact Synergy Immigration Solutions today to receive help with Sponsorship Licence Services and Skilled Worker and Global Business Mobility Routes.​

The expert team at Synergy Immigration Solutions can take over the hard work on behalf of employers and therefore rid them of the workload, time and stress.​

Synergy Immigration Solutions will manage the end-to-end process for you and answer any questions you may have, so you can feel confident that you have a strong application.​

No more anxieties about recruiting staff. Let Synergy Immigration Solutions guide you through to a successful outcome, so you can sponsor foreign workers in your business, and resolve your recruitment issues.

To learn more about Synergy Immigration Solutions, visit the company website here.​

Find out more about Sponsorship Licence Services and Skilled Worker & Global Business Mobility Routes here.​

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