What Is the Most Immigrant Friendly City in the UK

What Is the Most Immigrant Friendly City in the UK

United Kingdom Immigration policy has changed significantly over the years and over time, immigration levels have risen across the country. With this in mind, the United Kingdom boasts a culturally diverse landscape with many migrants living across the country.

Whether it be for work, family, or study purposes, a significant number of migrants now call the United Kingdom their home. The rich cultural tapestry of the United Kingdom has contributed to the economy, a diverse workforce, and a demand to study at some of the UK’s most prestigious educational facilities.

Migrants who reside in the United Kingdom can do so either by applying for a visa that suits their needs or for those who have been here for a longer period of time, they can apply for residency through Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or British Citizenship.

With this in mind? What is the most immigrant-friendly city in the United Kingdom? From research on immigration statistics and numbers, it is apparent that the most immigrant-friendly city in the United Kingdom is London.

In this article, we will explore why London is the most immigrant-friendly city in the United Kingdom and discover some of the reasons immigrants may choose London as their choice of abode.

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What Does Immigrant Friendly Mean?

Immigrant-friendly refers to a city that provides a welcoming location for immigrants to live and work in conjunction with UK citizens. An immigrant-friendly city typically provides a number of social and economic opportunities for immigrants who choose it as their home. These may include:

  • Jobs
  • Support and social interaction
  • Inclusivity and Acceptance

An immigrant-friendly city will have a very diverse population with a number of inhabitants from varying ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

 Most immigrants living in a culturally diverse city, are able to integrate themselves well and become part of accepting communities to provide a happy and comfortable living experience that is inclusive of their ethnicity and culture.

London: The Most Immigrant Friendly City

The capital city of England, London is a richly diverse city that provides a home for a significant number of migrants from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. But why exactly is London the most immigrant-friendly?

Working in London

London, United Kingdom is often considered a prime business hub across the world, housing some of the most affluent business opportunities in the world. It allows migrants with the relevant skills, and the opportunity to work for some of these organisations and experience the UK business sector at the heart of it all. In order to do so, most migrants will require a skilled worker visa which can be accessed after gaining a sponsor from a business with a valid UK sponsor licence.


London is within the catchment area of some of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious academic facilities including Oxbridge University, Imperial College of London, and University College London (UCL), to name a few. These academic institutes are particularly attractive to migrant students who wish to study an academic subject such as maths, business, medicine and other subjects.

Whilst studying in the United Kingdom, students from overseas often take advantage of the opportunity to live in and explore all that London has to offer as England’s capital city, from its lively night culture to its historical sights.

In order to study in the United Kingdom, foreign students must apply for a student visa. To continue to live in the UK afterward, students can access a graduate visa by applying online- this allows a further two years to work and study in the United Kingdom.

Experiencing Diverse Culture

London is world-renowned for its rich culture and heritage. Essentially, the city of London acts as a hub for cultural celebration; celebrating all types of culture through food and drink, music, festive holidays and fashion.

As a result, many migrants flood to London as tourists and fall in love with the undeniable diversity of the city. So much so that they may wish to move there to live. In order to make this a reality, migrants have to seek the correct immigration route to do so legally. Whether this be a tourist visa, ancestry/family visa, Spouse visa, or a visitor visa.

What Does London Do to Be Immigrant Friendly?

What Does London Do to Be Immigrant Friendly?

For those who call London their home, both citizens and migrants will be familiar with the diversity that occurs around them. To be more immigrant-friendly, London undertakes a lot of practices that accommodate those of different ethnic backgrounds or cultures to make them feel settled and at home.

  • Language Programmes– In London, migrants can access language learning programs that allow them to learn the English language if they don’t already know it. Usually, these types of courses are funded by the local community or the government.
  • Community Integration– There are schemes active in London that allow recent migrants to access the community and the amenities available in London. For example, job searching, making friends, and accessing the wider community.
  • Legal Aid– From time to time, immigration cases may not be straightforward. When this is the case, some non-profit agencies in the city will provide free legal aid to migrants facing difficulties with asylum, visa applications, and appeals.
  • Cultural celebrations– Within the city of London, diversity is openly celebrated through the participation of cultural festivals which help people appreciate and understand diversity better.

Are There Any Other Immigrant Friendly Cities in the United Kingdom?

Just like London, there are multiple other cities in the United Kingdom that are considered to be immigrant-friendly.


In the heart of the West Midlands, the city of Birmingham has always been known for its cultural diversity. With great transport links, work opportunities, and world-class healthcare facilities, Birmingham is a highly sought-after place of abode for migrants.


The Northern city of Manchester is home to a significant migrant population of great diversity. As a city, Manchester offers an extensive range of services to support the integration of migrants in the United Kingdom- providing great job opportunities, healthcare, and cultural celebrations across the city and its smaller suburbs.


Nestled in the southwest of England, Bristol is growing in popularity for migrants wanting to experience a colourful and diverse cultural background. In addition, Bristol provides excellent support to migrants and asylum seekers looking to reside within the United Kingdom.

What if I Want to Move to the United Kingdom?

What if I Want to Move to the United Kingdom?

For those who want to move to the United Kingdom, it is important to be aware of the United Kingdom’s immigration policy and the correct steps to take to legally enter the United Kingdom. In the UK, immigration is monitored on a points-based system which allows applicants to score points based on their skills and qualifications along with language proficiency.

To qualify for a specific visa you must meet the minimum points threshold. For most, the quickest route to enter the United Kingdom is by applying for a visa, for example, a student or a worker visa. There are multiple types of worker visas, but the most common types are skilled worker visas and health and care worker visas.

Once you have selected the correct visa type, you must apply for the visa by ensuring you meet the eligibility requirements listed and you are able to provide the correct supporting documentation to prove your identity. After this, your application will be processed by the Home Office and if approved, you are able to enter the UK for the specified time period.

In Summary

Overall, the United Kingdom can be considered immigrant-friendly, with the most immigrant-friendly city being London; closely followed by Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. Migrants are attracted to these larger cities due to their job opportunities, prestigious education facilities, and support networks for immigrants. Each city has its own unique culture and background which will attract many types of ethnic backgrounds and religions.

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