Why Are Ireland Not Happy with Britain’s Immigration Plans

Why Are Ireland Not Happy with Britain's Immigration Plans

Over the years, Great Britain and their neighbour Ireland have faced many implications based on political and economic debates. Since the emergence of Brexit, tensions between Ireland and Great Britain have risen. In particular, Ireland’s dissatisfaction with Great Britain’s Immigration plans.

In the light of Brexit amongst other events, Ireland and Great Britain have remained to have opposing views on each other’s immigration status. Despite this, both countries have done their best to remain amicable despite the dismay. But why exactly is Ireland so unhappy with Britain’s immigration plans?

In this article, we will outline some of the main factors contributing to the dissatisfaction in Ireland, including historical reasoning, socioeconomic status, and political stances.

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The Rwanda Plan

The Rwanda Plan

Most recently, Ireland have expressed their frustration with the UK’s Rwanda bill. Irish government officials have shown concern over the potential implications of the Rwanda plan, stating they will not be a “loophole” for the failure of other nation’s immigration plans.

The Rwanda plan has outlined that any asylum seekers attempting to enter the UK across the border from France will face further removal action by being removed from the United Kingdom to seek asylum in Rwanda later on in the spring. It is also said that many asylum seekers refused entry from the UK have then attempted to enter Ireland.

Once asylum seekers have entered Ireland, they are no longer permitted to enter back into the United Kingdom without any further removal action.This is due to the fact the UK is not deemed as safe due to its Rwanda plans. As a result, Ireland has seen an increase in asylum seekers crossing their borders to seek refuge.

The Potential of a ‘Hard Border’

The prospect of a ‘hard border’ between parts of northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has faced opposition since the plan was brought to light. By setting a border between part of the UK and and EU state, there is a dramatic affect on free movement which was a principle agreed upon as part of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’.

This type of action could result in a breakdown in the peace between the UK and Ireland, resulting in further political conflict. This is an implication that both nations would prefer to avoid, but as tensions increase over immigration plans, both nations could face further dismay.

Ireland Feel Targeted

Ireland Feel Targeted

Over recent years, Ireland has expressed their disappointment and has stated on multiple occasions they feel as if they are ‘picking up the UK’s immigration mess’. It is said that over 80 percent of asylum seekers entering the Republic of Ireland have done so by trying to enter Great Britain from Northern Ireland.

Many Irish citizens, along with the Irish government have strongly suggested they feel as if they are picking up the pieces and bearing the brunt of the UK’s immigration plans failing and resulting in far more serious ramifications.

Irish Housing Crisis

The timing of these issues has come at an incredibly poor time for Irish nationals and their government, as they are presently at the helm of a housing crisis; with the numbers of homeless people soaring to record numbers.

Whilst this is a vital matter to be addressed by the Irish government, they are unable to do so as efficiently as they would like to due to most voters main concern being immigration matters. Due to this, the housing crisis in Ireland could exacerbate further due to immigration matters taking priority.

Concerns Over Economic Status

There are many concerns in Ireland over the potential damage to their economic status as a result of the UK’s stringent immigration plans. Ireland has a strong reliance on the UK for access to the labour pool and UK market- without this Ireland could face economic decline- a shattering prospect considering the recent rapid increase in their financial health.

Any form of disruption relating to the movement of people between the two nations could have a detrimental effect on trade and investment flows between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. In addition, many businesses could face the consequences of immigration plans across both nations.

Many Irish citizens have strong concerns over the economic status of their nation if the United Kingdom proceeds with its immigration legislation, later on resulting in an increase of asylum seekers in Ireland due to the UK’s plans acting as a ‘deterrent’.

Cultural Damage

Cultural Damage

Ireland and the United Kingdom have always helped close ties, with many Irish citizens residing in the United Kingdom. Not only this, but a large amount of Irish citizens have familial connections in the United Kingdom, and vice versa.

Any further action taken that could create barriers between the two nations could have implications for the culture of both nations. The maintenance of a strong relationship with the United Kingdom is especially important to Ireland to adhere to cultural connections; allowing Irish and UK citizens freedom of movement and the opportunity to remain in close contact with their familial connections on both sides of the Irish sea.

In Summary

In conclusion, it is very apparent that Ireland is incredibly dissatisfied with the immigration plans of the United Kingdom. It is clear that the United Kingdom’s plans could reflect strongly on Ireland and Irish citizens who have a familial connection with Great Britain. Not only this, but many Irish citizens have shown concern over the economic status of their country as a result of an increase in asylum seekers and increased tensions between the two nations.

A key role to play in this is the United Kingdom’s controversial Rwanda plans, with the further disallowance of asylum seekers being returned to the United Kingdom after they have entered Ireland from across the Irish Sea. With this being said, Ireland feels as if they are picking up the pieces of a UK immigration system that they believe is failing.

In essence, Irish nationals feel as if the United Kindom’s immigration plans pose a direct threat to many aspects of their nation’s framework including political, historical, and economic- resulting in uncertainty and concern- not allowing them to focus on the vital housing crisis sweeping across their country.

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