Why Did My Graduate Visa Application Get Rejected

Why Did My Graduate Visa Application Get Rejected

For international students looking to study in the United Kingdom, they will require a student visa. Once the study has ended, foreign students can apply to extend their stay with a graduate visa, provided they are successful with their chosen course.

Many graduate visas are approved and granted every year by the United Kingdom’s Home Office, however, in some cases your graduate visa application may get rejected. If this is the case, it is important to understand exactly why your graduate visa application was rejected- this allows applicants to appeal their application or re-apply at a later date.

There are many reasons that a graduate visa application may be rejected, from something as simple as an application error to an omission of important information required to process the application accurately. Hence, it is essential to ensure you get your application correct the first time to avoid delay or rejection.

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What is a Graduate Visa?

A graduate visa allows students who have recently graduated the opportunity to extend their stay in the United Kingdom. You are able to stay in the United Kingdom for a further two years if your application is approved. The graduate visa is only available to students who have recently graduated from a recognised university in the country they are applying to.

The graduate visa allows university students extra time in the United Kingdom to seek employment, extend their studies, or gain some valuable work experience before they move on.

You can apply for a graduate visa online. If you have a partner and children, they must apply separately to be approved to remain in the United Kingdom. They cannot stay in the UK with you unless their relevant applications have been approved too.

It costs £822 to submit an application and then for each year you are in the United Kingdom, you must pay a healthcare surcharge of approximately £1,035 per year. This allows you to access public healthcare services (the NHS).

Graduate Visa Requirements

The requirements for a graduate visa are as follows;

  • Hold a valid student visa
  • Completed a course in higher education successfully, for example, a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Be present in the United Kingdom when you plan to apply
  • Previous compliance with UK immigration rules and the terms of your visa
  • Confirmation of completion of your course from your education provider

You must meet the above criteria in full to be eligible to apply for a graduate visa in the United Kingdom.

What is a Graduate Visa?

Reasons Your Graduate Visa Application Was Rejected

Generally speaking, the approval rate for graduate visa applications is as high as 98 percent, however, in some instances, your graduate visa application could face rejection. It is essential to pay great attention to detail in all elements of your application from your personal details to your documents, even the slightest mistake may cause rejection of your graduate visa application.

Moreover, the importance of a correct application will avoid a note being added to your immigration record. Each visa application that is rejected will be added to your immigration file which can affect your ability to get your visa applications approved on future occasions.

Expired Student Visa

In order to apply for a graduate visa, your current student visa must be valid. If your student visa has expired at the time your application is received, your application will certainly be rejected.

Failed course

You are not eligible for a graduate visa if you fail your course at a university, or other educational facility requiring a student visa. If your educational facility cannot confirm to the Home Office that your course was passed, you will be rejected for a graduate visa.

You Are Not in the UK

You have to be in the United Kingdom at the time of applying for a graduate visa. If you apply outside of the UK, your graduate visa application is very unlikely to be approved.

Common Application Issues

It is common that mistakes can be made on the graduate visa application, or that the correct documentation was not submitted in time. In regard to the application, these common mistakes could cost you your opportunity for a graduate visa:

  • You did not submit the right supporting documentation
  • You cannot confirm your identity
  • You cannot confirm your immigration status
  • Failure to communicate with the Home Office when asked to do so
  • Mistakes in the applicant’s personal details

It is beneficial to have your application checked by somebody else to ensure it stands the best chance of being accepted. Synergy Immigration Solutions are able to assist you with your visa application from start to finish.

Is My Course Eligible?

The UK graduate visa scheme has a specific criterion of courses that make you eligible to apply, these include:

  • Masters degree
  • Bachelors degree
  • PhD level courses
  • Foundation medicine and dentistry programmes
  • Postgraduate Certificates in Education (PGCE)
  • Legal practice and law conversion courses
  • The Bar Practice course in the United Kingdom

Before you can consider applying, you must be certain that you will successfully complete your course to a satisfactory level. No eligible course qualification will mean you do not qualify to be approved for a graduate visa.

Reasons Your Graduate Visa Application Was Rejected

Can I Appeal My Rejected Graduate Visa Application?

In some cases, your rejected application may be eligible for an administrative review. However, before you can proceed with this, you need to understand why your graduate visa application was rejected by the Home Office. Typically, if it is one of the reasons outlined above, you will be eligible to appeal your application for reconsideration.

If your application is rejected after your administrative review, you can no longer appeal your application and must accept that it has been rejected. In this case, once your student visa has expired, you must make alternative immigration arrangements or return to your home country.

What Can I Do When My Graduate Visa Has Expired?

If your graduate visa was approved and you have spent the maximum time in the United Kingdom, you may be eligible to apply for a different visa type to extend your stay. If you have found a job in the UK, you may be able to apply for one of the following:

  • Skilled worker visa
  • Health and care worker visa
  • Global talent visa
  • Graduate trainee visa
  • Creative worker visa

If you plan to apply for a worker visa, the company you work for must be able to sponsor you. In order to do so, they will have to issue you with a certificate of sponsorship– this requires the company to have a valid sponsor licence. Without a sponsor licence, it is not legal for an organisation to hire foreign workers. If they do not already have a sponsor licence, they should apply for one online.

Can I Appeal My Rejected Graduate Visa Application?

In Summary

The application process for a graduate visa in the UK requires stringent criteria to be met. You must ensure that you are eligible to apply before you submit your application as this can result in total refusal and denial of a graduate visa. In addition, there are many common reasons for your application to be rejected which include application mistakes, course failure, and applying outside of the United Kingdom.

If your application is rejected, you may be eligible to appeal your application under an administrative review, but you should highlight the reason for application failure before you do so.

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