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UK Visa Sponsor Licence - Hospitality Sector

The Sponsor Licence is granted to eligible employers to hire skilled workers from outside the UK. As a Sponsor Licence holder, you can issue a work approval for Skilled Worker visas to employ migrant workers for various occupations. Though the hospitality sector does not have listed shortage occupations, only a total of 70 points are needed to apply to work in the UK, and you can use this system to hire skilled workers for your hospitality business. 

To be eligible for the Sponsor Licence, you must have no unspent criminal convictions for immigration or relevant offences and must not have had a sponsor licence revoked in the last 12 months. 


Hospitality workers from abroad are classed as ‘Skilled Workers’ under the current immigration system. You need to monitor sponsored workers, and they can only work for the company that issued the visa. You can apply for a sponsor licence online, but many companies fail because they incorrectly fill out the application, misunderstanding the technicalities or do not supply the required supporting documents. We are here to guide you through the process, so you are successful in your application the first time around. 

How Synergy Immigration Solutions Can Help

We understand the complexities of the UK immigration system, specialising in helping businesses hire skilled workers from abroad. We can help your business get its Sponsor Licence and implement the necessary controls to use that licence responsibly. Our experts will work with you to ensure your hiring process is legal, compliant and efficient. We provide auditing, compliance and training services, making ourselves available whenever you need advice and guidance. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), registration number F202000171. 

Salary Requirements and Occupational Codes

The immigration system has minimum requirements for salary. It is either £26,200 per year, £10.75 per hour, or the ‘going rate’ for the job (whichever is highest). However, there are cases where you only have to pay 70-80% of the salary. For example, you can pay 70% of the worker’s going rate if they are under 26 on the date you apply. You can also pay 70% if the worker is working towards a recognised qualification in a listed UK regulated profession. 

Hotel workers are eligible for the Skilled Worker visa, providing they meet the salary requirements. Occupational code examples include 1221 (hotelier, hotel manager).


Restaurant Managers and Chefs are also eligible for the Skilled Worker visa, providing they meet the salary requirements. Occupational code examples include 5434 (Chef), 5436 (Kitchen Manager) and 1223 (Restaurant Manager).


The occupation code must match the job description – this piece of red tape catches many employers out. The government has a table of eligible occupations. 

Hotels and Restaurants are facing a staffing crisis – but you don’t have to

The UK’s hotel industry is scrambling to hire Skilled Workers. One in six jobs are vacant, and most roles have shortages. Burnout, poor pay, strict visa requirements, and COVID-19 have accelerated shortages over the last two years.  However, while hotels down the street are desperately trying to find staff, you can hire talent from abroad with a Sponsor Licence. 


The Tier 2 (General) visa was replaced by the Skilled Worker visa category on 1st December 2020. You must be a genuine, lawful organisation and have a competent human resources team to be accepted for the Sponsor Licence. To find out more and start hiring workers from overseas for your Hotel or Restaurant, pick up the phone and chat with one of our experienced immigration experts. 

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