Sole Representative Visa

What is a UK Sole Representative Visa?

Previously referred to as the Sole Representative Visa, the UK Expansion Worker Visa (Global Business Mobility) is a visa that targets individuals who manage a business overseas and will now manage a UK expansion. You must already be working for the overseas business as either a senior manager or specialist employee.

The Sole Representative visa applies to businesses that have not started trading in the UK.

The overseas business will need a valid Sponsor Licence for the branch that they want to set up in the UK.

On the Sole Representative visa, you can stay in the UK for whichever is shorter:

  • 12 months after the start date of the job on your certificate of sponsorship
  • the time given on your certificate of sponsorship plus 14 days

You can apply to extend your visa by 12 months. The maximum time you can stay in the UK on a UK Expansion Worker visa is 2 years.

You apply for the visa online. The application fee is £259.

You will usually hear back with a decision within 3 weeks if you are outside the UK, and within 8 weeks if you are inside the UK.

You will also have to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) as part of your application.

You also need to prove that you have at least £1,270 in your bank account to demonstrate that you can support yourself when you arrive in the UK. You will need to have had the money available for at least 28 consecutive days within your application date.

Who is eligible for a UK Sole Representative Visa?

To apply for the Sole Representative visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a valid certificate of sponsorship from your employer, containing the name of the employer and their Sponsor Licence number.
  • You must have worked for your employer outside the UK.
  • You must do a job which is on the list of eligible occupations
  • You must be paid the minimum eligible salary required for your job.

What Documents Do I Need to Provide for Sole Representative Visa UK?​

In order to obtain a Sole Representative visa you will need to have the necessary supporting documentation.

  • You must provide your job title, annual salary, and your job’s occupation code.
  • Documents to prove your identity- such as a current passport and valid travel documents.
  • Financial evidence to demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself when you arrive in the UK (e.g. bank statements).
  • If applicable, you will need to submit your tuberculosis test results.
  • You must provide any other supporting documents that UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) asks for.
  • You may be asked to submit evidence that you have worked for your employer outside the UK.
  • You may be asked to provide a valid ATAS certificate if your job involves researching a sensitive subject at PhD level or higher.

Can I Bring My Family With Me to the UK on Sole Repesentative Visa?

You can apply to bring your partner and children with you to the UK as your ‘dependants’. You must apply for them separately and provide evidence of your relationship.

Your partner and children will also have to prove that they can support themselves financially while they are in the UK. You must submit bank statements to prove this.

You, your partner or your child, will need the prove the following amount by bank statements:

  • £285 for your partner
  • £315 for one child
  • £200 for each additional child

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