Corporate immigration services

    We understand the complexity of the UK’s immigration processes, the legal requirements and the issues that cause problems. We will guide your company through every step, delivering support and advice on UK Business Immigration. We will help you to recruit staff from overseas, including Sole Representatives, Skilled Workers, Intra-Company Transfers and Temporary and Creative workers.

    Sponsorship licence application services

    If your business wishes to hire an EU or non-EU worker in the United Kingdom, then you will need to secure a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office’s UK Visas & Immigration Section (UKV&I). The licence will give you access to the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) whereby you can issue your own Certificates of Sponsorships (CoS). With that in mind, you must adhere to the compliance duties associated with sponsoring migrant workers.

    The process involved in applying for a Sponsor Licence can be challenging. Routine audits of sponsors’ human resource systems are conducted by Visiting Officers from the UKV&I. Hence, we take the issue of compliance very seriously.

    How we can help

    In addition to processing the online application form, we will provide a bespoke, detailed letter of representation to the UKV&I explaining how your business meets the requirements for a licence. We will ensure that your supporting documentation is in order and that the correct human resource systems are in place to comply with your ongoing sponsorship duties.


    UK employers sponsoring staff under the Skilled Worker scheme can expect, at some stage, to receive a visit from Visiting Officers of the Home Office’s UK Visas & Immigration Section (UKV&I). The purpose of the visit is to ensure that you have the correct processes and human resource practices in place to comply with your sponsorship duties. We will ensure your legal responsibilities towards the prevention of illegal working are met.

    How we can help

    We will carry out an audit of your human resource processes to ensure that you remain compliant with the UKV&I. If you are a new business, we will set up a structure for you to follow when hiring overseas staff to ensure that you have the correct systems in place when you begin recruiting.

    Compliance and training

    Employers have a duty to prevent illegal working, which means they must identify those migrants who require UK immigration permission and undertake right to work document checks or risk civil penalties.

    How we can help

    We maintain close working relationships with all of our clients, ensuring ongoing compliance under the points-based system. We will provide in-house training to your key staff at the very outset to help you to understand your responsibilities. Should we identify any issues in regard to non-compliance, we work with you to improve your HR processes.